Saturday, December 16, 2006

I want a decent way to search for images

Sure, you can search for images with Google, Yahoo and a bunch of others, but can you really?

All that does is search for images related to some text you type.

What I want is to search for an image that I already have.


Suppose I have a photo and I don't know what its copyright is. This way I could search for it and check out its copyright in the webpage it came from.

Likewise, I could use it to search for people using my material.

And I'm not even starting on the applications of this thing when it comes to porn (which basically means there would be a lot of people using it and thus it would be profitable; think "I have this, and now I want the whole set").


It's easier than it looks...

How about maintaining a database with SHA1 (or something similar) of images on the net?

A search for a picture could be as simple as creating the SHA1 (or whatever) of the picture and shearching the database for that particular identifier.

As an extra, the system could also present some other photos in the webpage the searched image is on.

Can anyone please do this?